Green Box of Games


May 2016

The basic idea

The basic idea for the Green Box of Games was born from a fascination for the standard deck of playing cards. In a small pack of cardboard you get an entire game design system, which can be used to play almost an infinite number of different games. We wanted to make a “deck of board games” to mirror this concept.

Ludo – Game #3

The game of Ludo is probably familiar to most people. Based on the Indian game of Pachisi, it was patented and introduced in England in 1896. Playing Ludo with the Green Box makes the board smaller, but allows you to play with the rules.

Continue reading “Ludo – Game #3”

Halma – Game #2

Halma is a classic game invented in the 19th century, and the original game behind the variant Chinese Checkers. It has simple rules but provides plenty of interesting strategy, while including enough unpredictable interaction to make it fun for the whole family. Continue reading “Halma – Game #2”

Checkers – Game #1

A timeless classic offering complex strategy with simple rules. Continue reading “Checkers – Game #1”

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