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Top 5 games not included in the rulebooks

The “Second to None Edition” of the Green Box of Games comes with rules for 16 different games, which can be downloaded here or browsed here.

Here are a few of the games that are good enough that they could have been in the rulebook, for which we just didn’t find room. Continue reading “Top 5 games not included in the rulebooks”

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MMX “Lite” available from Spielmaterial and Gamecrafter

The Meeple Mini Expansion that was released last year included the rulebook from the Summer 2018 Design Contest, and in addition cubes in black and white, meeples in all colours plus grey, and a drawstring bag.

There is not really a clear relationship between the rulebook and the components, but the components enable improvements on a lot of existing games and more importantly allow for the creation of new game experiences. The recent Contest X Design Contest generated a lot of new games using the meeples, and a bunch of other games have also been published under the MMX tag (or Meeples tag) on the wiki.

Meeples and cubes should not be hard to come by for anyone wanting to expand their Green Box on their own, but as of right now this is made even easier, by the availability of a “components only” version of the MMX on (perfect for EU players) and on (perfect for North American players). They are both cheaper options than buying the original MMX package here on our shop, especially if you are already shopping on these sites and can share the shipping cost.

Design Contest 2019 – Contest X

The second design contest for the Green Box of Games was held in April 2019. It was called the “Contest X” because designers were encouraged to use eXpansion content when designing games. While the contest was open to any kind of expansion, all designers limited themselves to contents from the official MMX expansion, featuring meeples and extra cubes in black and white.

10 games were submitted by 8 different designers for this contest, and the winners are…

Continue reading “Design Contest 2019 – Contest X”

The Meeple Mini Expansion (MMX)

As a limited edition release a small expansion for the Green Box of Games is now available. The expansion includes:

  • Rulebook containing the 12 games from the Summer 2018 Design Contest
  • A drawstring bag that will fit all the components from the base set as well
  • 6 meeples, one in each colour of red, blue, green, yellow, black and white
  • 20 black and 20 white cubes, so everything is available in 6 colours

Buy online here!

Continue reading “The Meeple Mini Expansion (MMX)”

Design Contest – Summer 2018

This summer there has been a design contest for new games for the Green Box of Games. The contest has been running for the most part on the BoardGameGeek forums and in the Green Box Community Group on Facebook.

There have been a total of 14 new games proposed, most of them original, and many of them very good games, and the rules for all of them can be found on the Wiki.

And the winners are…

Continue reading “Design Contest – Summer 2018”

All the games in the Community Wiki

The Green Box of Games community is growing, and a wiki has been created on Fandom/Wikia to make it easier for people to publish, share and discuss game ideas and designs. Games can be explored by player count, theme and category. The Wiki is completely open, so anyone can add or edit information, even without a registered user.

Link to the Wiki: Continue reading “All the games in the Community Wiki”

16 games from the rulebook

The number of games you can play using the Green Box is continuously growing, and it might be difficult to know where to start. This post includes all the games included in the official rulebook that comes with the Second to None Edition (2017) of the Green Box of Games. Continue reading “16 games from the rulebook”

Kickstarter Community games roundup

During the Kickstarter Campaign no less than 18 new games have been created or suggested for the Green Box of Games by players, backers and fans from different parts of the world. Most of them are published in the forums on BoardGameGeek, where they are also discussed and developed further.

UPDATE: New rulebook designed for download, containing 12 games designed by the community: Download here (PDF 7 mb) Continue reading “Kickstarter Community games roundup”

New design for the “Second to None Edition”

The components for the upcoming new edition of the Green Box of Games have gone through a full redesign. In addition to looking a lot better, they have also got a couple of new features. Continue reading “New design for the “Second to None Edition””

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