Green Box of Games


April 2017

Temple of Doom – Game #40

Temple of Doom is a solitaire or cooperative game in which you must aid a team of 8 adventurous archaeologists attempting to save as many ancient relics as they can while escaping from the crumbling temple. Continue reading “Temple of Doom – Game #40”

5 games to get you started

The number of games you can play using the Green Box is growing, and it might be difficult to know where to start. In this post you’ll find a suggestion of 5 family games, 5 strategy games and 5 traditional games that we recommend you try. What are your favourites? Continue reading “5 games to get you started”

Speed – Game #39

Speed is a speedy card game for two players in real time where the goal is to get rid of your cards with higher speed(!) than your opponent, by matching cards on either symbol, colour or number. It is a variation of a game also playable with a standard deck of cards (see Wikipedia), and similar to Blink(Reinhard Staupe, 1995) and probably a few others.. Continue reading “Speed – Game #39”

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