Speed is a speedy card game for two players in real time where the goal is to get rid of your cards with higher speed(!) than your opponent, by matching cards on either symbol, colour or number. It is a variation of a game also playable with a standard deck of cards (see Wikipedia), and similar to Blink(Reinhard Staupe, 1995) and probably a few others..

At a glance

2 players

2 minutes

Complexity: Low

Components used:

All 54 cards


Split the deck in half, giving 27 cards to each player.

Each player takes the top card and places it face down in the middle of the table. Each players also draws three cards to her hand.

On a count of three, each player turns over their starting card, and the game begins immediately.


There are no turns in this game, both players play cards as fast as they can.

You can play a card to any one of the two piles on the table if it maches either the number, the symbol, or the (border) colour of the current top card of the pile.

You can draw new cards at any time, but you can never have more than 3 cards in your hand at the same time.


The first player to empty his deck and his hand is the winner.