Reviews/previews for the Second to None Edition

  • Expand Your Game, 02.10.2018
    • “It is perfect for travel, and is not only varied between the types of games playable, but also in the level of complexity, so it appeals to multiple ages.”
  • Logan Chops Reviews, 13.09.2018 (Video)
    • “It has great variety! Good for family fun nights, and a few more advanced games if you’re up for a challenge with your friends.”
  • Boardgame Inquisition, 06.09.2018 (Video)
    • “Really great with families, it’s the kind of game I wish I had when I was growing up!”
  • Dr. Meeple, 07.08.2018 (in Spanish)
    • “Si bien es cierto que los juegos incluidos en las reglas son suficientes para justificar la adquisición y probar qué ofrece un solo conjunto de componentes y como se desarrolla como sistema, lo bonito de este proyecto es su comunidad y la actividad que se genere en ella.”
  • Boards Eye View, 04.12.2017 (360 images)
    • “What is surprising is just how much you can do with these components. […]
      In the UK, there is a popular radio programme, Desert Island Discs, that has been running for 75 years. In the programme, an interviewee has to imagine they are a castaway on a desert island and they choose the eight ‘gramophone records’ they would take with them. If I had to assemble my castaway list of board games, the Green Box would definitely be a contender: I’m sure I’d while away many a happy hour under the shade of a palm tree as I used the Green Box to devise an endless stream of games.”
  • Life of a Board Gamer, 02.05.2018 (video)
    • “This box is really full of components that you can play with in different ways […] I cant wait to explore it!”

Reviews/previews of the Very First Edition