The Green Box of Games is a board game concept developed by Jørgen Brunborg-Næss. The idea is to create a small box of generic game components that can be used to play a myriad of games. Think of it as a deck of cards, only for board games.

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What is in the box?

  • 36 square tiles, with one of 6 different symbols on the front, and identical backsides, that can be used to create any kind of board with a square or hexagonal grid
  • 80 10mm cubes in 4 colours
  • 54 cards featuring a system of symbols, colours and numbers. Each symbol has 9 cards, and each colour has 9 cards. Read more about the cards here.
  • 2 standard dice

What can you do with it?

Why would you want it?

  • Because having many different games in one small box is great for fitting into a small suitcase/backpack/handbag/cabin/boat/etc.
  • Because it’s fun to create and not just play!

How can you get it?

How can you support it?

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