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These games have been originally developed for the Green Box of Games, although some similarities with mechanics from other games is naturally unavoidable.

Temple of Doom – Game #40

Temple of Doom is a solitaire or cooperative game in which you must aid a team of 8 adventurous archaeologists attempting to save as many ancient relics as they can while escaping from the crumbling temple. Continue reading “Temple of Doom – Game #40”

All Your Base – Game #36

In AD 2101, war was beginning… Build up your base and install the correct hardware and software on your defence stations to prepare for the oncoming attack. In this game for up to 6 players you play cards from your hand to perform one of three actions, and pass the cards you don’t need to the next player. Continue reading “All Your Base – Game #36”

Jump Gate – Game #34

You are the captain of a cargo ship making pickup rounds across the universe. Roll the die to reach new planets with cargo to pick up, pass through jump gates that send you into different parts of the galaxy, and play cards to move forwards or backwards if you don’t end up exactly where you wanted to. Continue reading “Jump Gate – Game #34”

Flower Garden – Game #32

In Flower Garden you compete to create the most beautiful garden. Play your cards in the shop to acquire flowers, or use them to create beds to plant you flowers in. And make sure you get all your flowers planted, or they will dry out and reduce your score. Continue reading “Flower Garden – Game #32”

Fawlty Towers – Game #29

This simple game aims to blend tactical choices with dexterity, and requires you to balance the risk of stacking cubes on the tallest tower against the reward of getting the highest valued cards on the table. (And yes, the name is a tribute to John Cleese and Connie Booth) Continue reading “Fawlty Towers – Game #29”

The Factory – Game #28

The Factory is worker placement game developed for the Green Box but obviously inspired by the classic mechanics of the genre. Place your workers wisely across a range of options, and compete in auctions with the other players to gain access to resources and the right to produce goods.

WARNING: This is a rather complex game that has not been thoroughly playtested, so proceed at your own risk 😉 (and send us you feedback when you have tested it) Continue reading “The Factory – Game #28”

Grid Squid – Game #26

Grid Squid is a simple game of territorial control where you play cards in order to place cubes on the corresponding symbols. Anyone can create rows of cubes to score some points, but you need both luck and skill to create a Squid! Continue reading “Grid Squid – Game #26”

War 2.0 – Game #25

We’ve put this game in the “Original” category, although it shares several rules with the basic War! that is placed under “Inspired“. Although the mechanics of this game are hardly revolutionary, the game is more inspired by a genre than by a single game. It is a game of conflict and conquest, of claiming territory on the map by attacking your opponents while trying to protect what you have gained. The game has no randomness, instead relying on psychology and bluffing to maintain the suspense necessary for a engaging game of combat. Continue reading “War 2.0 – Game #25”

Flick ‘n’ Grab – Game #21

Flick ‘n’ Grab is a dexterity game where the players flick their cubes across the table, and then grab the cards that match the tiles they have reached. Continue reading “Flick ‘n’ Grab – Game #21”

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