Green Box of Games



These games have been originally developed for the Green Box of Games, although some similarities with mechanics from other games is naturally unavoidable.

The Gauntlet – Game #16

The Gauntlet is a deadly race, where you want to be the first to reach the end while avoiding being hammered by your opponents and pelted with arrows. You have to climb over obstacles using the appropriate cards, keep your shield up at the right time, and maybe find a quiet spot to heal your wounds when necessary. Continue reading “The Gauntlet – Game #16”

Crafty Explorers – Game #15

Crafty Explorers is a deck building game where you have to explore new territory on the map/board in order to get the cards you need to construct houses and populate them with craftsmen. Continue reading “Crafty Explorers – Game #15”

String of beads – Game #14

String of Beads is a fun little game testing the players ability to identify the correct sequence in symbols and colours, and their skill in planning ahead. Continue reading “String of beads – Game #14”

Make way! – Game #10

Make Way! is a game of territorial strategy for two players. Starting on opposite sides of the board, players use cards to advance their pieces forward. Conflict is inevitable, as your pieces can be pushed back by an advancing opponent, and the key lies in choosing the time and place to bring in reinforcements. Continue reading “Make way! – Game #10”

Grenade Salad – Game #9

Grenade Salad is a light-weight tactical combat game in which soldiers (cubes) battle it out in an open playing field in the middle of the table. Continue reading “Grenade Salad – Game #9”

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