As a limited edition release a small expansion for the Green Box of Games is now available. The expansion includes:

  • Rulebook containing the 12 games from the Summer 2018 Design Contest
  • A drawstring bag that will fit all the components from the base set as well
  • 6 meeples, one in each colour of red, blue, green, yellow, black and white
  • 20 black and 20 white cubes, so everything is available in 6 colours

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The MMX has been produced in a very limited quantity. It was supposed to be released in Essen, but due to some unfortunate customs related delays and complications it was not. Now, in December, it is being shipped to everyone who preordered, and there are still a few copies left.

There are two reasons why we have decided to launch a very small expansion now. The first is that we were going to print a rulebook with the new games created in the contest, so it seemed like a good idea to add a little something to that. The second is that at least four of the games in the contest are improved by this simple expansion: King’s Landing and Gridblock will both benefit from having one piece that is different than the cubes, Rush Maze can be expanded to allow 6 players, and Matchmaker can use scoring markers for up to 6 players.

These effects will also benefit many other existing games for the Green Box, and they can probably stimulate new creative ideas as well.

Here is a complete list of games that are improved by the MMX:

From the rulebook in the Green Box of Games Second to None Edition:

  • Jump Gate (5+ players, and meeples as spaceships)
  • Tunnel Run (5+ players)
  • Grenade Salad (5+ players)
  • War 2.0 (5+ players)
  • The Gauntlet (5+ players)
  • All Your Base (Meeples for scoring track)

Other games from the wiki or community rulebooks: (see list on wiki)

  • Cross the Beams (Needs a black and white meeple)
  • Dungeon Rescue (5+ players)
  • Flick Flack (5+ players)
  • Green Bite (5+ players)
  • Grid Squid (5+ players)
  • Griblock (5+ players, and meeples to move)
  • Into the Crypt (needs meeples)
  • King’s Valley (Meeples as kings)
  • Little Big Town (5+ players)
  • Memory Blocks (5+ players)
  • Rush Maze (5+ players, and more fun with meeples)
  • Scrapheap Scavengers (5+ players)
  • Skyline (5+ players)
  • String of Beads (all colours in play)
  • Sutlers of Kansas (5+ players)

Why Expand?

There are several reason why the Green Box of Games does not need an expansion. The first is that the variation of games created for the system prove that it is not really necessary, and the second is that we do not want the system growing too heavy. The Green Box of Games is supposed to be compact, affordable and accessible, so adding a bunch of components does not have to be a good idea. Another reason to hold off on expansions is to avoid having people who have already bought the game feel that they missed out. But given the fact that the MMX really only includes 6 additional pieces I would think those of you who do not acquire the official expansion will be able to expand your own set in other ways in order to enjoy any new games that may be developed using the meeples.