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The Meeple Mini Expansion (MMX)

As a limited edition release a small expansion for the Green Box of Games is now available. The expansion includes:

  • Rulebook containing the 12 games from the Summer 2018 Design Contest
  • A drawstring bag that will fit all the components from the base set as well
  • 6 meeples, one in each colour of red, blue, green, yellow, black and white
  • 20 black and 20 white cubes, so everything is available in 6 colours

Buy online here!

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Design Contest – Summer 2018

This summer there has been a design contest for new games for the Green Box of Games. The contest has been running for the most part on the BoardGameGeek forums and in the Green Box Community Group on Facebook.

There have been a total of 14 new games proposed, most of them original, and many of them very good games, and the rules for all of them can be found on the Wiki.

And the winners are…

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Introducing the Community Wiki

The Green Box of Games community is growing, and now a wiki has been created on Fandom/Wikia to make it easier for people to publish, share and discuss game ideas and designs.

The Green Box website will contain the “official” games from the rulebooks, purchase information and other official information, but new game ideas will from now on be published to the Wiki. The Wiki is completely open, so anyone can add or edit information, even without a registered user.

Link to the Wiki: Continue reading “Introducing the Community Wiki”

Updated list of games

This page contains a list of all games published on this site. We’ve attempted a very simple categorisation of the games, to help you find the games you will enjoy the most. Most games fall into the following categories, with a few self-explanatory exceptions.

  • Race – Players compete to complete a track or objective first
  • Conflict – Players attack each other and capture pieces
  • Control – Players vie for control over the board/cards/pieces
  • Collection – Players try to gain/create sets or combinations to score the most points

All games are also categorised on the dimension of luck vs strategy. “Balanced” means the game includes both luck and strategy in fair amounts. The complexity rating can be interpreted as how long it takes to explain the rules. Continue reading “Updated list of games”

Kickstarter successfully funded at 500%

The Kickstarter campaign for the “Second to None Edition” of the Green Box of Games ended on July 13th, funded at 540% with contributions from 192 backers.

A big thank you to all backers, and everyone who helped share the campaign.

We are moving forward to the next stage of development, as all files will be sent to production in August. If all goes according to plan the game will be ready in time for the Spiel ’17 game fair in Essen, on october 25th.

Thank you again!

The 2017 one-new-game-every-week challenge!

It’s that time of the (new) year, and everywhere people are making resolutions for what they will achieve. Updates for the Green Box slowed down considerably as 2016 drew towards an end and the holiday spirit took hold, but now is the time to look ahead. My goal is to make the Green Box of Games into a rich gaming system which allows players to have lots of different quality gaming experiences, and for that we need more games!

That’s why my plan is to publish (at least) one new game to the website every week throughout 2017.

Some will be original games developed fro the set, others will be inspired or adapted versions of old or new favourites from the gaming universe. And I will probably need YOU to help out, so if you have an idea for a game, drop me a line, either by email, on Facebook or on BoardGameGeek.

Best wishes to you all for a great new year of gaming!

Jørgen Brunborg-Næss, Designer

Ready for Essen!

Our shipment of 100 Green Box sets from has arrived, and we are quite thrilled!

The pre-orders are coming in, and we have soon sold about half of the 100 sets we are bringing to the fair. Pre-order here to make sure you don’t miss out.

Also check this post for a detailed description of the components included in the box.

Now available for sale on The Game Crafter!

A small step for man, a giant leap for the Green Box project! You can now buy your own set from

The Game Crafter is a print-on-demand company specializing in tabletop games. This means we upload our designs based on their templates, and they print one copy of the game each time somebody places an order. Obviously, this means that the price will be a bit high for such a small game box, but it also means that we can make the game available to anyone who wants it way before we get a proper large scale production financed. Continue reading “Now available for sale on The Game Crafter!”

Detailed contents of “Very First Edition”

The Green Box project has passed a milestone this week, as we have completed the design and ordered the production of the first print run of the Green Box of Games.

This Very First Edition is being printed in only 100 copies, which will be made available for sale at the Spiel 2016 Game Fair in Essen this october. If you are going to Essen, you can pre-order your copy here.

The exact components included in the box are: Continue reading “Detailed contents of “Very First Edition””

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