A small step for man, a giant leap for the Green Box project! You can now buy your own set from thegamecrafter.com.

The Game Crafter is a print-on-demand company specializing in tabletop games. This means we upload our designs based on their templates, and they print one copy of the game each time somebody places an order. Obviously, this means that the price will be a bit high for such a small game box, but it also means that we can make the game available to anyone who wants it way before we get a proper large scale production financed.

The Green Box of Games is currently available in to versions:

  1. The complete game, including tiles, cards, cubes, dice and a nice small box that fits everything in. Price 29.99 USD.
  2. Just the printed parts, that is tiles and cards. You can add cubes and dice to your order on The Game Crafter as well, or use what you have at home. Price 15.99 USD

For those of you coming to the SPIEL game fair in Essen this October, this is the exact same game box that you can pre-order and pick up on the fair.

Click here to see the complete details on the content and the box itself.