(Image shows setup for The Gauntlet)

A limited print-run of the Green Box of Games will be available for sale at the Internationalen Spieltage game fair in Essen this October.

greenbox-box-topSee this post for the exact details regarding this Very First Edition and the components included.

The set will be available in two versions, with or without an actual box. Without the box the components will be contained in a single zip-lock bag.

Note that the box includes no rules, as all rules are updated and published here on the website. Click here for the list of available games.

Pre-orders are now closed!

We have about 50 sets with the box and 50 without the box available that have not been reserved for pre-orders, so come to the Aporta Games stand at 1-D109 early if you want to make sure you can get a copy.

Fair price:
Without the box: € 20
With the box: € 25

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