It’s that time of the (new) year, and everywhere people are making resolutions for what they will achieve. Updates for the Green Box slowed down considerably as 2016 drew towards an end and the holiday spirit took hold, but now is the time to look ahead. My goal is to make the Green Box of Games into a rich gaming system which allows players to have lots of different quality gaming experiences, and for that we need more games!

That’s why my plan is to publish (at least) one new game to the website every week throughout 2017.

Some will be original games developed fro the set, others will be inspired or adapted versions of old or new favourites from the gaming universe. And I will probably need YOU to help out, so if you have an idea for a game, drop me a line, either by email, on Facebook or on BoardGameGeek.

Best wishes to you all for a great new year of gaming!

Jørgen Brunborg-Næss, Designer