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Detailed contents of “Very First Edition”

The Green Box project has passed a milestone this week, as we have completed the design and ordered the production of the first print run of the Green Box of Games.

This Very First Edition is being printed in only 100 copies, which will be made available for sale at the Spiel 2016 Game Fair in Essen this october. If you are going to Essen, you can pre-order your copy here.

The exact components included in the box are: Continue reading “Detailed contents of “Very First Edition””

Design – Symbols: Discrete but intriguing

A challenge we have tried to solve with the design of the Green Box is how to strike the perfect balance between abstract and thematic visual game design. Continue reading “Design – Symbols: Discrete but intriguing”

Unboxing prototypes

We’ve produced a handfull of complete sets of tiles and cards at The Game Crafter. We’re really excited about these components and looking forward to a new photoshoot to upgrade the blog! Continue reading “Unboxing prototypes”

In the box – Tiles: Building hexagonal boards

Following up on the post Tiles: Building square boards, let’s dig into the possibilities for building hexagonal boards with the tiles in the Green Box. That’s right: Square tiles can make perfect hex boards! Continue reading “In the box – Tiles: Building hexagonal boards”

In the box – Cards: The system of symbols, colours and numbers

The Green Box of Games includes a deck of 54 cards, with a variation of colours, numbers and symbols following a precise system. Continue reading “In the box – Cards: The system of symbols, colours and numbers”

In the box – Tiles: Building square boards

The tiles are the core of the Green Box game system. The fundamental idea is to devise a system for creating board games, so there has to be a way to create games with boards. To enable the creation of a multitude of different games, we could obviously not include fixed boards, so the primary function of the tiles is to enable the creation of many different boards. Continue reading “In the box – Tiles: Building square boards”

Prototype v2 – New design for tiles and cards

We have created new tiles and cards for a second version of the prototype. It should be easy to agree that they look a lot nicer than the first version 🙂

The symbols have been created to give a sense of theme and arouse curiosity, but without being too specific and limiting in regards to what they might represent.

The tiles have different coloured backgrounds to easily separate the front from the back, and they have clever borders that fit together to form either square or hexagonal boards.

The cards have colored borders which make them easy to notice, but also easy to ignore if the colours don’t matter in the current game. Large symbols in the center and small symbols and numbers in the corners accomodates different ways of holding, dealing and placing cards.

We’ll be back with more specific information on the details in the design and the choices that have been made in later updates.

The components

In order to make a set of components that can be use to play any number of different games, a few basic choices have been made:

  • First: There is no game board in the box. Instead, there are a number of square tiles that you can use to build many different game boards, or do something completely different with them.
  • Second: We have developed a system to the components in terms of symbols, colors and numbers, so that the different components reference each other in many different ways.

Continue reading “The components”

The progress plan

At the time of writing this post, in may 2016, we currently have produced one single rough prototype of the Green Box, and it’s not even in a box. The first draft of the components are ready, and we have used them to create and re-create a number of games. Continue reading “The progress plan”

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