In order to make a set of components that can be use to play any number of different games, a few basic choices have been made:

  • First: There is no game board in the box. Instead, there are a number of square tiles that you can use to build many different game boards, or do something completely different with them.
  • Second: We have developed a system to the components in terms of symbols, colors and numbers, so that the different components reference each other in many different ways.

The components in the Box are:

  • 36 square tiles, with one side “blank”, or at least identical across all tiles, and one side containing one of 6 symbols
  • 80 small cubes, of 4 different colors
  • 60 cards, each containing one of the 6 symbols, as well as one of 6 colors and one number from 1 through 6
  • 2 standard 6-sided number dice
  • We are considering adding:
    • One 6-sided color die
    • Colored cubes in 2 more colors (black and white) to match the cards and make it easier to create games for 5-6 plyers
    • Tokens with numbers of for instance 1, 3 and 5 to be used as currency or point markers or similar.