String of Beads is a fun little game testing the players ability to identify the correct sequence in symbols and colours, and their skill in planning ahead.

At a glance:

2-6 players

10 minutes

Complexity: low

Components used:

24 tiles, 4 of each symbol

1 cube of each colour

All 54 cards


Sort the tiles in three stacks with 6 different symbols in each. Shuffle each stack and use one stack at a time to build a String (line of tiles).

Shuffle the cards and deal 8 cards to each player.


First turn in a 4-player game

On your turn you may place one cube of the colour of your choice on the Active Tile. When the game starts, the Active Tile is the first tile in one end of the String. With each players turn, the Active Tile shifts to the next tile in the String.

Now you must play one or more cards from your hand.

Starting with the Active Tile, you may play one card that matches either the symbol of the tile or the colour of the cube you placed on it. Then you can move to the previous tile in the String, and play another card matching either colour or symbol. Continue until you are unable or unwilling to play any more cards, or until you have reached the last tile occupied by a cube. You are not allowed to skip a tile, all the cards you play must correspond to an unbroken string of tiles/cubes on the table.

At the end of your turn, draw two more cards from the deck. Shuffle the played cards into the deck when necessary.


The first player to play all the cards in her hand is the winner.