You are the captain of a cargo ship making pickup rounds across the universe. Roll the die to reach new planets with cargo to pick up, pass through jump gates that send you into different parts of the galaxy, and play cards to move forwards or backwards if you don’t end up exactly where you wanted to.

At a glance:

2-4 players

30 minutes

Complexity: Low

Components used:

All tiles

17 cubes pr player

9 cards pr player (of the same colour)

One die

Setup ready for 3 players


Build a square track, each side 10 tiles long. On each side there will be 4 green tiles (Jump Gates) and 4 brown tiles (Planets), plus brown corners. Sort the tiles by symbol to find Jump Gates. You need 4 each of 2 symbols plus 2 each of 4 symbols. Turn the rest of the tiles face down (brown side up). Create the track so that each side has one of each of the symbols with 4 tiles, and two different symbols of the rest.

Place one cube (Cargo Crates) from each player next to each brown tile. Place one cube for each player to move in separate corners (The Ship).

Sort the cards by colour and give each player a full set of 9 cards in their colour.


Taking turns, players move their Ship around the track to pick up their own cubes. Roll the die and move the according number of spaces in clockwise direction.

If you land on a Jump Gate you *must* move forward to the next space with the same symbol.

If you land on a Planet with one of your Cargo Crates beside it, pick it up and remove it from the game.

If you have passed through a Jump Gate, or if you landed on a Planet without a Crate to pick up, you may play one of your cards. You may then move forwards or backwards the exact number of spaces as indicated by the number on the card. If you now land on a Jump Gate, move to the next. If you land on a Planet with a Crate to collect then you may do so. You are not allowed to play more than one card during one turn.


The first player to remove all her Cargo Crates from the board is the winner.