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These are games with a strong history, some dating back thousands of years.

Speed – Game #39

Speed is a speedy card game for two players in real time where the goal is to get rid of your cards with higher speed(!) than your opponent, by matching cards on either symbol, colour or number. It is a variation of a game also playable with a standard deck of cards (see Wikipedia), and similar to Blink(Reinhard Staupe, 1995) and probably a few others.. Continue reading “Speed – Game #39”

Memory – Game #35

You can play a simple and a more advanced version of the classic Memory game with the Green Box. The simple version is played with the tiles, and players try to find two matching symbols. The advanced version is played with the cards, and players try to find cards matching on *two* of the following: Symbol, colour or background.


Snakes and Ladders – Game #33

Snakes and Ladders is an ancient Indian classic, imported to England in 1892 and published in the USA in 1943. It is a game of pure chance and pure frustration, just about as simple as a game can get, and just about as intellectually unrewarding as a game can get as well. Nevertheless, it is played by children all over the world, and with the Green Box components it can serve as a starting point for getting creative and thinking about game design.

The basic gameplay of Snakes and Ladders are shared by many different games: Roll, move, see what happens. In the following setup we use arrow tiles for climbing up and drop tiles for falling down. With just these tiles you can create a variety of tracks, and have more fun building the board than playing through it. Then you can move on to come up with alternative rules for other symbols and keep playing around. Continue reading “Snakes and Ladders – Game #33”

Cube Solitaire – Game #31

Peg Solitaire, or simply Solitaire, is a single player game dating back several centuries. Usually played on a board with holes and pegs, or marbles, it can be easily set up with the Green Box. Continue reading “Cube Solitaire – Game #31”

Fox & Geese – Game #30

Fox and Geese is an abstract asymmetric strategy game for two players with ancient roots. Continue reading “Fox & Geese – Game #30”

Liar’s cards (aka Liar’s Dice) – Game #27

Liar’s Dice is a classic dice game where each player rolls five dice secretly, and then states a bid for how many total dice of a specified value are on the table. With the Green Box, you can play the same game with cards, and maybe add a few variations. Continue reading “Liar’s cards (aka Liar’s Dice) – Game #27”

Go! – Game #20

The great game of Go can not be fully enjoyed with the limited components of the Green Box, but you can play a training version and get a feel for the game. Continue reading “Go! – Game #20”

Nine men’s Morris – Game #19

Nine men’s Morris, also known as Mill or Mühle, is an ancient strategy game for two players. You can easily play it with the Green Box, although you might need to trick your mind into seeing the movement lines on the board. Continue reading “Nine men’s Morris – Game #19”

Othellino – Game #18

The classic game of Othello (or actually “Reversi“) takes “a minute to learn, and a lifetime to master”, and is truly a fine example of how the simplest components can create intriguing game experiences. The Green Box doesn’t have enough pieces for a full game, but you can play a compact version on a 6×6 grid. Continue reading “Othellino – Game #18”

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