During the Kickstarter Campaign no less than 18 new games have been created or suggested for the Green Box of Games by players, backers and fans from different parts of the world. Most of them are published in the forums on BoardGameGeek, where they are also discussed and developed further.

UPDATE: New rulebook designed for download, containing 12 games designed by the community: Download here (PDF 7 mb)

Last stand at Hudai Pass

Achim has created a solo game where you play a fighting monk facing off agains a daemon. The cards represent different moves for attack and defence at your disposal. The daemon is constructed with three special powers selected from the six symbols in the game, so a great number of different daemons can be constructed to provide variation.



Gianni has created a two player abstract game where the board is a single line of tiles. You place your cubes somewhere on the track, and then try to move them back to your home base, capturing your opponents cubes as you go.



The Last Blast

Adam has created a space themed race game where you must navigate a deadly asteroid field hoping to reach the far end with a slightly less damaged ship than your opponents. The game runs in two phases, where you draft cards to construct your ship in the first phase before entering the asteroid field in the second.


https://www.dropbox.com/s/8un34fzgc9b1lek/The%20Last%20Blast.pdf?dl=0Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 22.28.17

Space Combat “miniatures” game

Asa has created a space combat game with the feel of Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures. The tiles with their symbols represent 6 different ship classes, each with their unique characteristics and abilities. Two (or more?) players join battle on an open table for skirmishes and potentially lots of different scenarios.


Five/Six Men’s Morris

Cornelius has described how several variants of this classic abstract game can be played with the Green Bos of Games.


Little Big Town

Alexandre as created a city building game where players cooperate and compete in growing a city, with residential areas, industry, parks and more. Placing cubes on tiles, the city grows in 3D, as new levels of tiles can be placed on top when a tile is complete with 4 cubes. Each move will affect the scoring potential of moves to follow, and each player has a secret objective that triggers end of game bonuses.


Gear Head

Chad has come up with a card game themed for motor enthusiasts, where the symbols represent oil, pistons, battery, drive shaft, tires and gearshift. You want to build the best race car you can, but also be the first to pull up to the starting line when the race is about to start.


Hot Rod

Benson took Chads car theme and added some inspiration from the classic video game “Street Rod”, to create a whole other variant of car building/race preparation game.


King’s Ransom

Benson has created a tight tactical combat game for two players, inspired by the classic Stratego. The symbols on the tiles represent different classes of soldiers with different combat values, and you have to deploy and activate your units wisely in order to capture the most valuable troops from your opponent.


Treasure Hunt

Mike has created a race game where players start from opposite sides of the track. You have to claim tiles (collect treasure…) as you move, but when you start entering your opponents territory you can steal her claimed tiles.


One Night Ultimate Werewolf

Alexandre has suggested an adaptation of One Night Ultimate Werewolf for the Green Box. In this award winning social deduction game you play one single night and day where the players have different secret characters that affect the struggle between villagers and werewolves.



Intrigue is a cut-throat negotiation game where the players strive to get their family members into valuable positions within the other players’ households. Alexandre has suggested an adaptation of this game for the Green Box.


Mancala / Khala

Bill has suggested that the traditional African game of Mancala would be easy to play with the components from the Green Box.



Hive is an abstract strategy game for two players where you place your hexagonal insect tiles in an attempt to capture the opponents Queen. Alexandre has suggested an adaptation for the Green Box, translating the symbols into different classes of insects.


Capture the Island

Will has created a tactical combat game where you try to be the first one to capture the central squares of an island. In addition to regular movement, combat and recruitment you can play cards for special actions, like the water card which allows you to move off the coast (outside of the board).


Green Box of RPGs

I already thought many of these game ideas stretched the limits for what the Green Box game system can do, but then Gareth comes along and envisions a Role Playing Games system that uses the Green Box components to keep track of stats and resolve actions. Mind = blown 🙂


Scrapheap Scavengers

Erica has created a game combining a “memory” mechanic with placing and moving cubes, as each players searches for the scraps they want from hidden cards on the table. Each players has drawn a number of hidden tiles as their secret assignment.

(So far not published online)

Stacking game

Jacob has created a dexterity game in which the players take turns to build on the same tower alternating between cubes and tiles. Draw cards to see how many cubes you must place on the uppermost tile, and then put a new tile on top of you cubes. When the tower falls, you lose!

(So far not published online)