The components for the upcoming new edition of the Green Box of Games have gone through a full redesign. In addition to looking a lot better, they have also got a couple of new features.

Summary of changes from the “Very First Edition”

The “Very First Edition” of the Green Box was printed in just 100 copies in 2016. All the pictures you have seen of the Green Box so far are of this edition, including all pictures on this website.

The changes between the two editions are mostly cosmetic, and does not influence the gameplay mechanics of any games created. Mostly, everything gets bigger, so lets summarise:

  • Tile size is increased to 50x50mm (previous 32x32mm)
  • The card size is increased to 68×44 mm (previous 44x32mm)
  • The cube size is increased to 10mm (previous 8mm)
  • The design of the cards is updated to include *both* number and symbol in all corners
  • The cards get a special corner design that follows the border colour, so they will be identifiable by the colour blind
  • The cards get pips in the bottom half of the card, making it easier to count and add up the values of the cards. A line separates the top and bottom halves, allowing for two “spaces” to be used in games.
  • The “Bricks” symbol is substantially altered to allow for other interpretations
  • All symbols are equipped with pips, assigning a value from 1 (Drop) through 6 (Arrow). This allows the tiles to have numeric values, and the cards to have two separate values.
  • The backs of the cards are more distinctly made up of two spaces (black and white) to allow for building grids, and they also get a vertical dividing line to allow each card to have 2×2 spaces.
  • The tiles get more pronounced corner markings allowing for easier construction of hexagonal patterns. They also get lines dividing each tile in 2×2 spaces.

Here are examples of the new cards:


And here are the new tiles:

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 23.19.01

Updated print-and-play files are available in the Downloads section

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