The “Second to None Edition” of the Green Box of Games comes with rules for 16 different games, which can be downloaded here or browsed here.

Here are a few of the games that are good enough that they could have been in the rulebook, for which we just didn’t find room.

2-player abstract: Make Way!

Original game developed for the Green Box, but reminiscent of traditional 2-player abstracts. Use cards to move cubes on the board to control more spaces than your opponent.

Complex eurogame: Crafty Explorers

Explore the board to acquire the resources (cards) you need to construct buildings, and then attract the appropriate craftsmen to inhabit them. (Note: this is quite complex for the Green Box, there are obviously more complex full eurogames out there…)

Family friendly classic: Skyline

In this re-invention of Andreas Seyfarths Manhattan, you construct skyscrapers in order to take control over different neighbourhoods in various cities.

Party game: Guess what!

Inspired by Eleusis and classic party games, one player invents a rule to govern what is the “correct” sequence of cards. The other players get points for correct placements, and have to try to guess the rule behind the chaos.

Dexterity building game: Leaning Tower

Stack tiles and cubes in levels to build the highest tower. Cooperate to see how high you can go, or compete to avoid being the one who knocks over the tower.