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The Main Battle – Game #17

This adaptation of Battle Sheep (2010, Francesco Rotta) was suggested by Sveinmain from Preikestolen Gamers. Just like “Hey, that’s my fish”, Battle Sheep is an elegant abstract tactical game disguised as a children’s game, and it is a good fit for the Green Box.

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Detailed contents of “Very First Edition”

The Green Box project has passed a milestone this week, as we have completed the design and ordered the production of the first print run of the Green Box of Games.

This Very First Edition is being printed in only 100 copies, which will be made available for sale at the Spiel 2016 Game Fair in Essen this october. If you are going to Essen, you can pre-order your copy here.

The exact components included in the box are: Continue reading “Detailed contents of “Very First Edition””

The Gauntlet – Game #16

The Gauntlet is a deadly race, where you want to be the first to reach the end while avoiding being hammered by your opponents and pelted with arrows. You have to climb over obstacles using the appropriate cards, keep your shield up at the right time, and maybe find a quiet spot to heal your wounds when necessary. Continue reading “The Gauntlet – Game #16”

Design – Symbols: Discrete but intriguing

A challenge we have tried to solve with the design of the Green Box is how to strike the perfect balance between abstract and thematic visual game design. Continue reading “Design – Symbols: Discrete but intriguing”

Crafty Explorers – Game #15

Crafty Explorers is a deck building game where you have to explore new territory on the map/board in order to get the cards you need to construct houses and populate them with craftsmen. Continue reading “Crafty Explorers – Game #15”

String of beads – Game #14

String of Beads is a fun little game testing the players ability to identify the correct sequence in symbols and colours, and their skill in planning ahead. Continue reading “String of beads – Game #14”

The Sutlers of Kansas – Game #13

The best way to truly see how great a game really is, is by trying to recreate it. There can’t be many gamers who have not seen or tried The Settlers of Catan (1995) by Klaus Teuber, loved by millions across the world. Although seasoned gamers might see it as a simple family game, there is a beauty to the simplicity and how the elements fit together to create the experience that has brought it’s success.

The Sutlers of Kansas is our humble attempt at recreating the feeling of Catan, and also provides an opportunity to show off the clever way you can turn the square tiles of the Green Box into a hexagonal grid. Continue reading “The Sutlers of Kansas – Game #13”

Son of Kark – Game #12

The mother of all modern tile placing games, Carcassonne(2000) by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede, is an indisputable classic and a point of reference for gamers and game designers. The Son of Kark is an adaptation of the core mechanics of this great game to fit the tiles in the Green Box. Continue reading “Son of Kark – Game #12”

Unboxing prototypes

We’ve produced a handfull of complete sets of tiles and cards at The Game Crafter. We’re really excited about these components and looking forward to a new photoshoot to upgrade the blog! Continue reading “Unboxing prototypes”

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