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Liar’s cards (aka Liar’s Dice) – Game #27

Liar’s Dice is a classic dice game where each player rolls five dice secretly, and then states a bid for how many total dice of a specified value are on the table. With the Green Box, you can play the same game with cards, and maybe add a few variations. Continue reading “Liar’s cards (aka Liar’s Dice) – Game #27”

Grid Squid – Game #26

Grid Squid is a simple game of territorial control where you play cards in order to place cubes on the corresponding symbols. Anyone can create rows of cubes to score some points, but you need both luck and skill to create a Squid! Continue reading “Grid Squid – Game #26”

War 2.0 – Game #25

We’ve put this game in the “Original” category, although it shares several rules with the basic War! that is placed under “Inspired“. Although the mechanics of this game are hardly revolutionary, the game is more inspired by a genre than by a single game. It is a game of conflict and conquest, of claiming territory on the map by attacking your opponents while trying to protect what you have gained. The game has no randomness, instead relying on psychology and bluffing to maintain the suspense necessary for a engaging game of combat. Continue reading “War 2.0 – Game #25”

War! – Game #24

The worlds most popular war game must be Risk (1959). Considered a complex strategy game by some, and a simple dice game by others, it is without question a successful game franchise. The game War! attempts to recreate an experience that is accessible and enjoyable by fans of Risk, while at the same time trying to fix a few of the classic game’s flaws, namely: A) It usually comes down to the will of the dice and B) It really doesn’t end. Continue reading “War! – Game #24”

The Roof is on Fire – Game #23

Your roof is on fire, and you are trying to save all your precious belongings by carrying them out to the yard. But since you are a bit obsessive-compulsive you can only take them out in a very precise order. The Roof is on Fire is a game of hand management, set collection and a continuously expanding patchwork of tiles. Continue reading “The Roof is on Fire – Game #23”

Fireworks – Game #22

Hanabi (Antoine Bauza, 2010), the winner of the Spiel des Jahres award in 2013, packs a great cooperative game into a small box of cards. Although the Green Box cards features no fireworks, and not the exact same sequence of numbers, you can certainly enjoy playing with your cards facing outwards and waiting for the others to tell you what you have in your hand. Continue reading “Fireworks – Game #22”

Flick ‘n’ Grab – Game #21

Flick ‘n’ Grab is a dexterity game where the players flick their cubes across the table, and then grab the cards that match the tiles they have reached. Continue reading “Flick ‘n’ Grab – Game #21”

Go! – Game #20

The great game of Go can not be fully enjoyed with the limited components of the Green Box, but you can play a training version and get a feel for the game. Continue reading “Go! – Game #20”

Nine men’s Morris – Game #19

Nine men’s Morris, also known as Mill or Mühle, is an ancient strategy game for two players. You can easily play it with the Green Box, although you might need to trick your mind into seeing the movement lines on the board. Continue reading “Nine men’s Morris – Game #19”

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